1994 - The Beginning

The beginning. Starboard is founded in New Caledonia, with Svein Rasmussen and Jean Louis Colmas in the forefront.

1995 - Pioneering Wood Sandwich Construction

Pioneering and leading the industry with the ultra light and legendary wood
sandwich construction. A technology that put Starboard on the map, giving an incredible feeling on the water.

1999 - Introduce Ultra Wide Beginner Boards

Introducing the world’s first ultra-wide beginner board that launches a new branch of boards in the industry. Re-creating windsurfing and helping thousands of riders develop their love for the sport.

2001 - Introduce Short & Wide Freeboard

Introducing the world’s first short and wide freeride board. Numbers of sailing days per year was everything. Making boards wider would lead to more fun days on the water.

2001 - Starboard Becomes #1 Windsurfing Brand

Starboard becomes windsurfing brand #1 after winning the first six spots in the 2001 World Championship. Additionally becoming official supplier to the Formula Windsurfing World Championship.

2002 - Return of the HyperSonic

Starboard’s Hypersonic marks the return of slalom windsurfing, a discipline that had almost disappeared. The iSonic followed, a board that continues to dominate PWA Slalom today.

2006 - Stand Up Paddling is Introduced

Starboard introduces Stand Up Paddleboarding for the market. Revolutionizing the industry by offering shapes and innovations far ahead of competitors.

2007 - World's First Extra-Slim Freeride

Introduces the world’s first extra-slim freeride boards, fast-forwarding the concept of early planing but yet reactive boards.

2009 - World's First Production Quad Fin

Introduces the world’s first production quad fin wave board, setting a new trend and standard in the wave discipline. Rapid turns and more drive would be the key points.

2010 - Set the New Thin Trend

Re-shaping the concept of the 2007 thin board, resulting in hyperactive and responsive boards that planes early, giving more response and maneuverability. Ultimately enabling more days on the water.

2012 - Reshaping the Phantom Program

Re-shaping the Phantom program for light as well as high wind performance – the bat wings leads the way for a super efficient racing machine.

2016 - AirPlane Launches

Starboard pioneers the mobility in the windsurfing world when launching the new AirPlane, an inflatable windsurfing board fully capable of high speed planing.

2017 - Introducing Bio-Resin

Starboard introduces the first production board made with BIO-Resin, leading a new path towards sustainability.

2017 - World's First PWA Foil Windsurfing Champion

The World’s first PWA Foil Windsurfing Champion is settled. The winner Antoine Questel goes into the history books while riding Starboard foils.

2018 - New Balsa Wood Construction

Introducing the strong, crisp and fresh looking balsa technology – leading the way for a newer eco-friendly construction within the industry.